Confederate Lieutenant General Jubal Anderson Early, Lynchburg, Virginia

Confederate Lieutenant General Jubal Anderson Early – Voted Against Session Before The Civil War

Before the Civil War, Jubal Anderson Early served for the U.S. army fighting the Indians in Florida in the Semolie War and served in the Virginia House of Delegates. As a member of the Virginia state Assembly, Delegate Jubal Anderson Early voted against session. However, after the Confederacy’s declaration of war against the Union, Jubal Anderson Early rejoined the armed forces.

Jubal Anderson Early was promoted to Lieutenant General for his early successes during the war. However towards the end of the war, Lieutenant General Early’s forces were defeated by General George Custer’s army, which was under the command of General Sherman.

Fort Early, an installation protecting the city of Lynchburg, was named in his Lieutenant General Early’s honor.

In present day, a monument to Lieutenant Jubal Anderson Early is in Lynchburg, Virginia

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