Jefferson Finis Davis

Montebello – The Birthplace Of President Zachary Taylor

On November 24, 1784, Zachary Taylor, who would become the last slaveholding United States President, was born at the Montebello house in Orange County, Virginia. Zachary Taylor’s parents were Colonel Taylor, whom served as a soldier in the American Revolution, and Sarah Dabney Taylor.

Colonel Taylor also owned the Hare Forest Farm, in Orange County, which was near Montebello.

In present day, a historical marker indicates the birthplace of President Zachary Taylor.

Author’s Note:

Zachary Taylor served in the Black Hawk War with Jefferson Finis Davis. After the war, Jefferson Davis began a courtship with Zachary Taylor’s daughter Sarah Knox Taylor. Zachary Taylor disapproved the the relationship since he did not want his daughter to be traveling with her husband all of the time, as he made his wife do during his decades of military service, so Jefferson Davis resigned from the military to court Sarah. However, a mere three months after marriage Sarah Taylor caught malaria on the way to the Davis family home and passed away.

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