Confederate Captain Joseph Frederick Waring, The Bog Wallow Ambush, U.S. Civil War, Union Colonel George William Taylor

The Bog Wallow Ambush

Near midnight, on December 4, 1861, the 3rd New Jersey Infantry of the Union Army, under the command of Colonel George William Taylor launched the Bog Wallow Ambush at Braddock Road in Fairfax, Virginia as a retaliation for attacks Confederates had made on Union pickets.

Twenty four Georgia Hussars cavalrymen, led by Captain Joseph Frederick Waring, entered the ambush from the west.

The Confederates returned fire and left the shootout with four men wounded and one captured. The Union losses from the event was one killed, two wounded and one captured.

In present day, there is a historical marker on Braddock Road, that indicates the location of the union ambush.

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