Loudon County, Virginia

Loudon County, Virginia – Named After John Campell A Former Colonial Governor Of Virginia

In 1757, the Virginia House of Burgesses established Loudon County, from part of Fairfax County. Loundon County was named after John Campbell, a former member of the British army and the Fourth Earl of Loudoun.

Painting of John Campell, Fourth Earl of Loudoun.

In 1745, John Campbell raised a regiment of soldiers to fight against militias fighting for Prince Charles Edward Stuart, whom were attempting to overthrow King George II, of the Hanoverian dynasty, during the Jacobite Rebellion . On March 20, 1756, during the French and Indian War, John Campbell was made the Commander-in-Chief of all of the British soldiers in colonial America. In addition, in 1756, Campell served as the colonial Governor of Virginia, a position he had until 1757.

Author’s Note:

Author Philip Hamilton is a former resident of Loundon County and has an older brother John Hamilton and sister Jennifer Lorenz whom currently live in the county.

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