Congressman David Alan Brat

Congressman David Alan Brat – The First U.S. Congressman To Defeat A House Majority Leader In A Primary Race

In 2013, I got to meet David Alan Brat while he was an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College. At that time he was considering making a run against the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, whom was the Virginia 7th Congressional District Congressman. David Brat officially announced his candidacy at the same location where Patrick Henry gave the famous speech, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”.

I had met military veteran Peter Greenwald, whom was also running for the same seat. Greenwald eventually dropped out of the primary race and Eric Cantor outspent his primary opponent David Alan Brat by a margin of 40 times.

In spite of the odds, David Alan Brat won the race against the incumbent Eric Cantor in a historic Virginia primary race that made Brat the first ever Congress-member to defeat a house majority leader since the position was created in 1899.

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