Chickahominy Native Americans, Hanover County, Virginia, Pamunkey Native Americans

The Founding Of Hanover County, Virginia

Pamunkey, whom Pocahontas was affiliated with, and the Chickahominy Native Americans were the first people to live within the lands of what would become part of Hanover County, Virginia.

Pamunkey Native Americans, with a white settler, in the 1800s.

After English settlers established the permanent settlement in Jamestown, they expanded to villages and towns further inland. In 1720, the County of Hanover, within the state of Virginia, was founded.

Author’s Note:

In 2015, after hundreds of years of seeking recognition, the Pamunkey Native American Tribe were officially recognized by the U.S. Federal Government.

1 thought on “The Founding Of Hanover County, Virginia”

  1. The Pamunkey Tribe has been recognized by Virginia and England for about 400 years and unofficially recognized by the federal government for over 100 years.


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