Danville, Virginia, Wynne's Falls, Virginia

The Founding of Danville, Virginia

Thirteen thousand years ago, up until the 17th century the areas of Danville and Pittsylvania, Virginia were occupied by Paleoindians. Fur traders were the first colonists to venture inland from the coastal areas of the English Virginia territory.

In 1670, John Hatcher, Henry Hatcher and Benjamin Bullington were the first fur traders to reach the Danville area. They each carved their names into a tree on May 24, 1673.

Portrait of Colonel William Bryd II.

In 1728, Colonel William Bryd II led nineteen explorers to determine the boundaries between North Carolina and Virginia.

A town was established at Wynne’s Falls. In 1793, the Virginia legislature renamed Wynee’s Falls to Danville.

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