Danville, Virginia, William Thomas Sutherlin

Danville, Virginia – The Last Capital Of The Confederacy

The home of Major William Thomas Sutherlin in Danville, Virginia was the site of the last capital of the Confederacy from April 3rd to April 10th 1865. The confederate government operated in the Sutherlin family dining room while President Jefferson Davis held a bedroom upstairs as his office.

Photograph of Major William Thomas Sutherlin.

The confederate government had planned, months in advance, to move in Danville, Virginia in the event that Richmond would fall to Union occupation. Danville’s large armory and the train station that connected to the city were taken into account when deciding a place in the state of Virginia to move the Confederate Capital to.

After President Lincoln was assassinated, the Union government suspected Jefferson Davis to behind the assignation plot. General Lee had already surrender his Northern Virginia Army At Appomattox and President Davis decided to escape to Georgia, so that he could eventually escape to France to set up a temporary Confederate government there.

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