Confederate President Jefferson Finis Davis, President James Monroe, The Hollywood Cemetery Of Richmond, Virginia

The Hollywood Cemetery Of Richmond, Virginia

The Hollywood Cemetery of Richmond, Virginia hosts the graves of a multitude of American historical figures including Revolutionary War Veteran and U.S. President James Monroe, War of 1812 Veteran and U.S. President John Tyler, as well as the grave of Confederate President Jefferson Finis Davis.

Gravesite of Confederate President Jefferson Finis Davis.

After the end of the Civil War, a Confederate Memorial Pyramid was established in the Hollywood Cemetery to honor the fallen soldiers and sailors of the southern military. The Confederate Memorial Pyramid was built out of granite rock from the James River.

Memorial Day gathering at the Confederate Pyramid In 1890.

The original grave marker for President John Tyler in 1900.
The Hollywood Cemetery grounds in 1900.

In 1953, the United Daughters of the Confederacy placed a plaque about notable persons buried in the Hollywood Cemetery, on the stone walls of the main office building. To this day, that plaque remains on one of the walls, facing a gate, next to the entrance.

Author’s Note:

In February 2018, author Philip Andrew Hamilton first visited the site of the Hollywood Cemetery.

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