Richmond, Virginia

The Richmond, Virginia Area – Site Of A Former Capital Of The Powhatan Tribe

Captain John Smith’s depiction of the Powhatan Indians.

The Pohawtan Indians had their first, of multiple capitals, at Werowocomoco. Until 1609, Parahunt, the weroance of the Powhatan territory that had control over thirty Algonquian speaking tribes, had his “kings house” overlooking the James River within the Richmond area. The “kings house” location was determined by an illustration on Captain John Smith’s map that me made while exploring outside of Jamestown. The Native American capital of Virginia, at the time, was close to Jamestown, which became the first English Colonial Capital of Virginia.

In 1737, over a century after the Richmond area was explored by Captain John Smith and his crew, the town of Richmond was founded by William Byrd II after he inherited the Stegg lands on big sides of the James River from his father.

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