Hampton Roads, Virginia, Korean War, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President William Howard Taft, The Korean War, The Second Indochina War, The Vietnam War, Vietnam War, William Henry Russell, World War II

My Great Uncle William Henry Russell – U.S. Air Force Veteran Of Three Wars

My great uncle William “Bill” Henry Russell had served as a U.S. Air Force Pilot in World War II, the Korean War and in the Vietnam War. After over thirty years of service, William Russell achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. My great uncle passed away in Hampton Roads, Virginia In July 2009. Bill’s wife Lillian Newkirk passed away in 2014.

Gravemarker for William Henry Russell and Lillian Newkirk at the Arlington National Cemetery.

In October 2009 and in 2014, William and Lillian were buried in the Arlington National Cemetery where Presidents William Howard Taft and John Fitzgerald Kennedy are buried.

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