Kapitänleutnant Horst Degen, Virginia Beach, Virginia

The 1942 German U-Boat Attack On Virginia Beach

German soldiers boarding a ship in Europe en route to a secret mission to attach the coast of Virginia.

In 1942, Kapitänleutnant Horst Degen lead a U-701 on a secret mission to lay several mines along the shore of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Kapitänleutnant Horst Degen (Center).

On June 14, 1942 two ships in Virginia Beach were damaged by explosions. Within two days, thousands of people on a resort on Virginia Beach saw four different ships bellowing with smoke. One other ship was slightly damaged, but did not catch fire. Originally, it was thought that the five boats were torpedoed. However, the U-701 only laid down mines and by the times the mines exploded the U-boat had already left the shore.

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