9-11 Memorial & Museum, Stonycreek Township, Pennslyvania, The Flight 93 National Memorial, The September 11th Terrorist Attacks

The Flight 93 National Memorial In Pennslyvania

The Flight 93 National Memorial was established in the Stonycreek Township, at the Flight 93 crash site within Stoystown in Somerset County, Pennslyvania.

3-D model of the Flight 93 crash site.
Philip Hamilton at the site of the Flight 93 crash on February, 2018.

Four individuals, including one man from Los Gatos, California who iconically said “Let’s Roll” before their counter attack, attempted to regain control of the airplane from Al-Qeada members armed with boxcutters.


The valiant efforts of those men forced the terrorists to abandon their plans to crash the plane into the U.S. Capital or the White House, thus saving hundreds of lives.

After the attacks, Congress designated the land around the Flight 93 crash as a U.S. National Memorial.

Outside there is a flight deck with a view of the area where Flight 93 crashed. The museum inside of the National Memorial has voice recordings from the black box of Flight 93.

Exhibit on the “Tower of Voices” artistic sculpture.

Author’s Note:

On February 5, 2018, when the author Philip Andrew Hamilton visited the Flight 93 National Memorial site, with his friend Amanda Green, the 93 foot “Tower of Voices” was still under construction. The tower was completed later that year and has been available for viewing by the public since then.

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