Allentown, Pennslyvania, James Madison High School, John Jacob Mickley, Philip Andrew Hamilton, The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell, also known as the State House Bell, has the message, “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof” inscribed on it.

The Liberty Bell held symbolic meaning to the American people and when the British invaded parts of Pennslyvania the Liberty Bell, along with ten other bells within the city, was removed from Independence Hall by John Jacob Mickley on September 1777 to save them from destruction.

The bell was secretly transferred, via wagon, through the British army encampments in Bethlehem and was stored at the Zion’s Reformed Church in Allentown, Pennslyvania. Eventually, the bell was brought back to Independence Hall.

Presently, the Liberty Bell is park of the Independence Hall U.S. National Historic Park and is surrounded by a glass chamber.

Author’s Note:

In 2003, during Philip Andrew Hamilton’s trip with his Advanced Placement History class, at James Madison High School, he visited Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

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