Allentown, Pennslyvania, Battle of Brandywine, John Jacob Mickley, The Liberty Bell

John Jacob Mickley – The Man Who Secretly Transported The Liberty Bell To Safety During The Revolutionary War

On December 17, 1737, John Jacob Mickley was born in Egypt, Pennslyvania. During the U.S. Revolutionary War, John Jacob Mickley served as a private under Captain Benjamin Weiser.

Painting of the Battle of Brandywine.

On September 11, 1777 General George Washington and his army were defeated at the Battle of Brandywine which left the city of Philadelphia almost defenseless. After the defeat, John Jacob Mickley was tasked with secretly transporting the Liberty Bell, and ten other bells in Philadelphia, as an effort to preserve American artifacts from the pending British invasion of the city of Philadelphia. John Jacob Mickley ended up taking the eleven bells to the Zion church in Allentown, Pennslyvania, where they were stored for a year.

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