Colony of Pennslyvania, Pennslyvania, Province of Pennsylvania, Religious Society of Quakers, William Penn

William Penn – The Founder Of The Providence Of Pennslyvania

William Penn with native peoples in the Providence of Pennslyvania.

On March 4, 1681, William Penn established the Providence of Pennsylvania, also called the Colony of Penn’s Forest, under the charter of King Charles II.

William Penn grew up with an Anglican family. At the age of 22, William Penn joined the “Religious Society of Quakers”. The religious beliefs William acquired from the Quakers deeply influenced how he developed the Pennslyvania Colony.

William Penn and King James II had a personal friendship that caused William Penn to be arrested for treason twice after the king was deposed. William Penn lost ownership of the Provence of Pennsylvania after refusing to send troop to protect the border of the New York Colony after war broke out with France. William Penn got the Provence back after he changed his mind and sent troops tot he border.

This documentary goes more into the founding of the Colony of Pennsylvania.

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