England, Religious Society of Quakers, William Penn

Origins Of The “Religious Society of Quakers”

Meeting of the Quakers in 1725.

In 1647, George Fox founded the “Religious Society of Quakers”, also known as the Religious Society of Friends, in England after years of failing to fulfill spiritual answers through Puritan institutions.

Portrait of Quaker founder George Fox.

Unlike other sects of Christianity, at the time, Quakers embraced worship through silent meditation, rather than through choirs and other forms of musical worship. The Quakers belief systems ran counter to those of the English community leaders and politicians, hence compelling them to persecute the Quakers that would not change their beliefs. Rather than conforming, many Quakers left England to go to North America. A significant amount of Quakers moved to the Providence of Pennsylvania, which was founded by the Quaker William Penn.

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