"Scott's Old Fields", Bel Air, Maryland, Edwin Booth, Hartford County, Maryland, John Wilkes Booth, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Historical Bel Air, Maryland – The Site Where John Wilkes Booth’s Brother First Performed

In 1731, Daniel Scott obtained a land grant for an area referred to as, “Scott’s Old Fields” within Hartford County. In March 1783, “Belle Aire” was designated as the county seat of Harford County.

After “Belle Aire” became the Harford County sweat a courthouse was built in 1791. Actor Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth, performed his first theatrical act at the “Belle Aire” courthouse after I t was rebuilt.

Ironically, Edwin Booth saved President Lincoln’s son Todd Lincoln from being hit by a train years before Edwin’s brother assassinated Lincoln.

In present day, the town of Bel Air has historical buildings, such as the Shagmer’s Hotel, which had provided shelter for patrons traveling between Baltimore, Edgewood, and Philadelphia. The various historical buildings can be seen via the historical walking tour.

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