Giovani De Verazano, Isaac Coffin, Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City – A Beach Possibly Discovered By The Spanish Explorer Giovani De Verazano

In 1524 Giovani De Verazano, a Florentine explorer, became the first European to explore the area. During his exploration mission, Giovani De Verazano entered the Chincoteague Bay approximately forty miles south of Ocean City, Maryland. It is presumed that Giovani De Veranzano sailed as far north as the modern Ocean City area.

In 1869, Isaac Coffin constructed the first beach front cottage in the town and Scott built the Ocean House at Green River Beach that would house travelers in the area that would become known as Ocean City.

The Atlantic Hotel of Ocean City in 1910.

Before 1870, the beach town was known as, “The Ladies’ Resort to the Ocean”. The Atlantic Hotel, the first large scale hotel in Ocean City, opened on July 4th, 1875.

The Old Plimhimmon Hotel.
Interior of the Old Plimhimmon Hotel.
Group standing in front of the Old Plimhimmon Hotel.

In present day, the beach town of Ocean City has been a tourist destination with large sand sculptures and other large pieces of art that are on display for tourists.

It was not until he past twenty years that historical markers have been placed in the beach city.

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