Elkridge Landing, Maryland, Elkridge, Maryland, Thomas Viaduct, U.S. Civil War

The Founding Of Elkridge, Maryland

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Thomas Viaduct in Elkridge, Maryland.

Elkridge Landing, Maryland was founded in the 1750s and the lands within it were primarily used as a port for tobacco shipments.

The Thomas Viaduct, named after Baltimore & Ohio’s first President Philip E. Thomas, was a railroad bridge constructed between Relay, Maryland and Elkridge, Maryland July 4, 1833 to July 4, 1835. During the U.S. Civil War the Thomas Viaduct was used extensively to transport supplies for the Union Army.

In 1851, Howard County, which Elkridge Landing is a part of, became the 21st of Maryland’s 23 counties. Elkridge Landing was eventually renamed to Elkridge, Maryland.

The Elkridge Heritage Society has archived information regarding the history of the city.

Author’s Note:

The author Philip Hamilton used to live in Elkridge, Maryland in 2009.

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