Krystal Marie Hamilton, Sykesville, Maryland

The Founding of Sykesville, Maryland

In the 1800s, Horse Train Stop, Maryland, which was an unincorporated area within Carroll County, was a farmland area that trains passed through. William Patterson, a shipbuilder in Baltimore, established a Springfield Estate in the area. In 1904, the site of Horse Train Stop was incorporated as the town of Sykesville, Maryland.

In 1825, George Patterson sold the Springfield Estate to James Sykes, the man whom the town of Sykesville was named after.

The Carroll County Times has multiple articles on the histories of all the towns within Carroll County.

Author’s Note:

The author Philip Hamilton had lived in Sykesville, Maryland from 2009 to 2011. Philip’s oldest daughter Krystal Marie Hamilton presently lives in Sykesville.

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