Processional Cross, Processional Crucifix, The Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum is a fantastic musuem that exhibits royal paintings and furniture from various countries.

There is a mummy of a child who lived in ancient Egypt that is exhibited in the museum.

One piece of cabinet furniture I saw, the “Cabinet With Mythological Scenes” had a wooden engraving of Rome within its top two drawers.

The columns and other parts of the landscape were carved and the background was painted to make it a three dimensional piece of art within the interior.

The painting, “Wonders of the Ancient World” depicts various architecture from Ancient Greece and Rome.

Another wooden cabinet had several engravings in it depicting royalty in the Middle Ages.

Two other noteworthy prices of furniture, with detailed landscapes, were of European and Asian origin.

The “Processional Cross”, also known as the Processional Crucifix, was an heavily detailed Spanish style Cross that was made from 1480 to 1510.

The Hall of Arms and Armor consists of a set of centuries old suits of armor at the musuem.

In addition to the suits of armor there are swords, crossbows, firearms and other weapons at the musuem.

Each of the firearms within the “Hall of Armor” are hundreds of years old.

The “Hall of Arms and Armor” is part of a larger “Theatre of the Universe” collection within the Walter Musuem’s Chamber of Wonders.

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