Charles Carroll III, Charles Carroll of Carrolton, Doughoregan Manor Chapel, Ellicott City, Maryland

Charles Carroll III – The Last Surviving Signer Of The Declaration Of Independence

Charles Carroll III, also known as Charles Carroll of Carrolton, was born in Annapolis, Maryland on September 19, 1737 and was one of 56 colonists to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776. During the Revolutionary War Charles Carroll III served in the Continental Congress, on the Board of War and worked on drafting the various versions of the state constitutions for the State of Maryland.

John Trumbull’s painting, “Declaration of Independence” depicts the presentation of a draft of the document to the Second Continental Congress. It hangs in the U.S. Capitol rotunda. (Baltimore Sun)

In 1781, Charles Carroll III was elected the the Maryland Senate and was elected to the first Federal Congress in 1788. In 1790, Charles Carroll III was re-elected to the Maryland senate where he served until 1800.

During Charles Carroll III’s time as a politician he lived in Annapolis at the residence currently known as the Charles Carroll House.

In 1828, Charles Carroll III laid the cornerstone to the Phoenix Shot Tower in Baltimore. Charles Carroll III was the last surviving signer of the Declaration do Independence when he died in Baltimore on November 14, 1832. Charles Carroll III was buried at the Doughoregan Manor Chapel in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Various states, such as Kentucky and Georgia, have named their towns in Charles Carroll III’s honor.

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