Fairfax, Virginia, San Jose, California

My Cross Country Trip From Fairfax, Virginia To San Jose, California

In January 2018, I drove from San Jose, California, to my birth-town of Norman, Olkahoma, to Virginia to visit friends and family along the way. While in my hometown of Fairfax, Virginia, where I had gone to George Mason University, I took time to visit civil war battlefields in Fredericksburg, the former confederate White House in Richmond, as well as a musuem dedicated to President Monroe. I drove to Pennslyvania to see the crash site of the single plan that was taken down by heroic Americans who took stand against Islamic extremists on September 11, 2001. On the way back to San Jose, California I visited the “Little White House” in Georgia that President Franklin Dwight Roosevelt has died in, the Alabama State Capital building, the Edmund Pettus Bridge where the civil rights event of “Bloody Sunday” occurred, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the former Louisiana State Capital building in Baton Rouge, which is a castle, the NASA Houston Space Center where the Apollo missions were managed, the site where President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot in Dallas, as well as the site where the TV show “Walker Texas Ranger” was filmed in Fort Worth, Texas. It was a trip back to the west coast rich in adventure and history which I look forward to sharing with my readers!

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