General Tommy Franks

General Tommy Franks – The Superior To My Uncle Steve Moore While He Served In The U.S. Army

While I was in Del City, Oklahoma in January 2018, visiting my family in the state I was born in, my Uncle Steven Newkirk told me that during his service in the U.S. Army in the 1980s he spent some time under the command of Tommy Franks.

I enjoyed hearing his stories, about how Tommy was just “one of the guys” who shared comradely with them. In fact, Tommy would party with his troops during what the military personnel calls R & R time.

Eventually, my Uncle Steve left the army, and General Tommy Franks gained seniority over the years, to the point the was the commander of the second Iraq War during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Red Dawn and other operations.

Tommy Franks has been held in high regard, in the state of Oklahoma, and there is a General Franks Insitute and Musuem dedicated to him in the city of Hobart.

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