Egypt, Operation Damocles, Operation Paperclip

The Mossad Operation To Take Out Nazi Officers Who Helped With The Egyptian Missile Program

After Hitler’s Germany fell, hundreds of scientists who had worked on Nazi Germany’s middle program worked for other countries missile and space programs. In the United States the integration of the Nazi scientists into NASA was called “Operation Paperclip”.

In Egypt the former Nazi scientists were utilized to develop long rang missiles for their wars against the Jewish state of Isreal. The Nazi scientists who continued to use their expertise to help other counties kill Jewish people, after the failed holocaust, were sought after by Mossad, an Israeli Intelligence Agency, in Operation Damocles.

Otto Skorzeny, a former Nazi SS Officer, was working with the Israeli government to hunt down the former Nazis in Egypt.

Additional Resources:

The documentary, “Inside The Mossad”, Ronen Bergman‘s book, “Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations” and the Jeresulum Post have more information about the Mossad’s Operation Damocles in 1962.

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