Chico, California

The Chico History Museum

The Chico History Museum is located in a building that used to be a public library that was funded by Andrew Carnegie.

The museum has an exhibit on the Mechoopda Native Americans, whom were the first people to live in Chico.

The Chico Hotel served members of the gold mining community after the California Gold Rush began.

Bidwell was a prominent individual who ran for office and whom built a mansion in Chico.

Bidwell had run for office as a Republican, at the time Abraham Lincoln was running for U.S. President.

After the United Stares declared war on Germany, about 700 men, from Chico, enlisted in the military forces.

There were so many men that enlisted in Butte county, that the county was exempt from the draft.

Many of the recruits got sent to Camp Kerney.

During the war, Chico volunteers Jewett, Arbuckle and Lee Grubbs were sent to rescue “The Lost Battalion”. However, during the rescues attempt the Grubbs was hit by shrapnel and the others were hit by German machine gun fire. Arbuckle was killed by a bullet, and Jewett was injured by the same bullet that killed his friend. Jewett escaped by pretending to be dead while hiding under a body.

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