Rumsien Native Americans, The Monterey Historical Park, The Monterey State Historic Park, The Pacific House Museum

The Pacific House Museum Of Monterey State Historic Park

The Pacific House Museum is comprised of various exhibits, including one the Presidio that was built by the Spanish Royal Crown in Monterey.

The Presidio was constructed in 1770, most out of stone and wood. A wall had been built around the buildings within the Presidio. However, after a mere 7 years, most of the wooden structures within the Presidio had fallen apart.

The Rumsien Indians lived in Monterey at the time the Spanish had established themselves in the area.

Author’s Note:

The Monterey State Historic Park is a collection of historic homes and adobe buildings from Monterey County, California. The park includes historic buildings, such as the Old Custom House which is the first California State Landmark.

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