President Ronald Wilson Reagan

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is located in Sim Valley California. The musuem details the Irish ancestry of Reagan’s extended family. Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Dixon, Illinois and lived above poverty. During the Great Depression Ronald Reagan worked and gave money to his parents. As Democrats, Reagan’s parents were supporters of Franklin Dwight Roosevelt and beloved that his policies were helping the working classes in America.

After obtaining a public school education, Ronald Reagan worked for the U.S. Army creating documentaries on the U.S. military forces during World War II.

Ronald Reagan obtained work as an actor through General Electric and did a series called the “Electric Theatre”. Reagan’s speeches on workers policies, to thousands of company employees at General Electric events, propelled him into politics. As a Democrat, Reagan campaigned for Harry S. Truman’s presidential race.

The Reagan Presidential library has the Air Force One plane that served 7 US Presidents inside.

The Air Force One Hangar has a mural of all of the planes that transported US Presidents and a tribute to Boon Pickens who has helped with Reagan’s 1980 and 1984 elections.

At Camp David Reagan did radio broadcasts to the nation. Even after the end of his presidency he continued to present the ideals of democracy to the public at large, as the Cold War ended.

The U.S. Navy warship the USS Reagan was named after Ronald Reagan.

Even after Reagan’s passing, individuals can still see Reagan as he was when he was alive, through a hologram which shows him on his ranch.

Author’s Note:

Philip Hamilton got to meet Nancy Reagan in 2006 by the elevator of the Rayburn building while he was an intern for Congress.

Philip Hamilton at the burial site of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

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