Emil White, Henry Valentine Miller, The Henry Miller Library, The Henry Miller Memorial Library

The Henry Miller Memorial Library

The Henry Miller Memorial Library was built by author Henry Valentine Miller’s best friend Emil White in the 1960s.

Henry Miller had written novels that were banned in English speaking countries including one named, “Tropic of Cancer”, which was banned for 27 years in the United States after its publication in Paris.

Inside of the library are newspaper articles about Henry Miller, and his followers, quotes from Henry Miller, in addition to posters of past music events that had occurred at the library.

Outside of the library are various prices including artwork, a Volkswagen bus and a couple of mannequins with the face of Henry Miller and another of a woman’s face.

The Volkswagen bus had couches and a patio on the deck!level, making it my favorite spot to relax at during my visit!

Author’s Note:

The inside of the library displays a letter of a woman who was offended by the pornographic photo of Henry Miller squatting beside a female’s buttocks, that was displayed within the library. The staff keep this letter up to show while some individuals are offended by pornographic material and do not consider it as art, most of those who work as as photographers, artists and writers so see certain forms of nudity as art that should be shared with others.

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