Dr. Robert Burn Fisher, Fremont Museum of Local History, John Charles Frémont

The Fremont Museum of Local History

The Fremont Museum Of Local History was created utilizing Dr. Robert Burn Fisher’s historical collection. Dr. Fisher archived many photographs and maps of the Fremont area.

Fremont has had various fossils found in the area by archeologists.

The Museum has an exhibit on explorer, militiaman, and former Governor of California John Charles Frémont, who was the first ever politician to run for President as a Republican.

Various movies were filmed in Fremont, including classics with Charlie Chaplin.

The motorcycle chase scene in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” was filmed with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fremont. The musuem has not mentioned that part of modern film history in its facility.

The museum had an exhibit regarding the first Apple mass production factory which was in Fremont, California before manufacturing was outsourced to China to companies like Foxconn.

The plant had manufactured Apple Macintoshes at an automated rate of one computer every 27 seconds.

In present day, there is is a Tesla Factory in Fremont, which I have been visited in 2017, that manufactures Tesla electric vehicles.

Author’s Note:

As a member of the Santa Clara California Pioneers, I found it amusing that this museum had a membership poster for an individual who was a member of the pioneers in the 1800s.

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