Father Fermin Francisco, Father Narciso Duran, Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose

In August 2018, I visited Mission San Jose, a Roman Catholic structure that was founded on June 11, 1797 by Father Fermin Francisco.

Inside of the church, which is the 14th of the 21 missions established, is various sculptures attributed to the Christian faith.

The Padres Of San Jose began the missions in the 1850s before the church building was constructed.

Father Narciso Duran was one of he founding religious authorities of the San Jose mission. Father Duran was credited with keeping the mission from being withdrawn, after severe cases of measles reduced the Indian population a mere 9 years after Mission San Jose began.

In fact, Father Duran was also credited with making the San Jose Mission the “musical chapter” of all of the 21 existing missions.

Mission San Jose used to host a “Fest Day” which was throughly documented in 1831.

The original adobe building, that was built in 1809, was damaged by an earthquake in 1868. The members of the Backs-Berge family responsible for helping rebuild the mission building, after the earthquake, are buried within the chapel grounds.

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