The Eagle County History Museum, Ute Indians, Yarmony Pit House

The Eagle County History Museum

The Eagle County History Museum in Colorado consists of the history of various pioneers and Ute Indians who had lived on the land.

Newspaper articles inside consist of the Old Milk Route and ski resorts that were established in the area.

A framed photograph captures the destruction from the Midturn Roundhouse train crash of 1913.

There is a 3-D model of Eagle County, Colorado within the facility, with a highlight of Holy Cross Point. That point has a large Christian cross etched along the top of a mountain.

The musuem featured the Yarmony Pit House, which was created by native Americans in 5,000 B.C. Very fascinating to find that a human made structure, that is older than Stonehenge, was discovered in Colorado in 1987!

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