The Black Hawk War, The Miss Mary’s Historical Museum

The Miss Mary’s History Museum

The Salina, Utah History Musuem, also known as the Miss Mary’s Historical Musuem, is inside of a former Presbyterian Church that was built in 1884.

The Miss Mary Museum is named after a bible school teacher Mary McCallum.

The facility has information on the first settlers of Salina, Utah.

Eder Orson Hyde sent individuals into Salina in October 1863, to see if the land within that area could be settled. It was deemed that thirty families could live off of the land, so settlers arrived by wagon. The first church built in the town also served as a fort to protect against Indian attacks.

The first homes were established mostly by Mormons whom were following Brigham Young.

The Black Hawk War occurred in 1864, a year after Salina was settled by caucasians.

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