The Great Basin Historical Society and Museum

The Great Basin Historical Society and Museum

The Great Basin Musuem is located in Delta, Utah and contains an extensive collection of artifacts from central Utah and information on the old west, including ghost towns that emerged from that time.

The musuem features, Chief Wakara who lead a band of Ute Indians and was responsible for the Waker War Of 1853.

Clear Lake, Utah is a ghost town that was created in 1880 when that area became a railroad station for the west desert. The town had a ranch, store, hotel and a post office and was abandoned in the 1937 after the ranch went bankrupt.

The musuem also features G.K. Gilbert who drew the historic map of Lake Bonneville after riding around the lands on horseback. G.K. Gilbert was the first person to propose that the ancient Pleistocene Lake once existed in western Utah.

There were various creatures, which pre-dated the dinosaurs, that existed in western Utah, such as the underwater predator species the Anomalocaris. The Anomalocaris existed in the Middle Cambrian Period about 540 million years ago and has been found by archeologists in the Millard County Wheeler Shale.

The town of Burtner underwent multiple name changes, and was eventually renamed to present day Delta.

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