The Wings of History Aircraft Museum

“Wings of History” in San Martin

The Wings Of History Aircraft Museum, which is located next to the San Martin Airport, has two hangers with aircraft for visitors to view.

Outside the first hanger there is a head of the aircraft from 1956, which became the first commercial aircraft model after World War II, that featured a pressurized cabin and that had engines that produced less noise than older models.

In addition is an experimental plane outside of the first hanger.

Inside the hanger there are various exhibits regarding female pilots during the early days of flight.

The U.S. Navy’s NC-4 Flying Boat became the first aircraft to succeed in a transatlantic flight.

The Douglas World Cruisers were the first planes to be used to perform a flight around the world in 1919.

At the musuem, there were various booklets to view, including one with extensive information on the Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum in Ireland. That musuem houses the only replica of the B314 Flying Boat aircraft in existence.

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