Nashville, Tennessee

The Tennessee State Capital Building

The cornerstone of the Tennessee State Capital was established on July 4, 1845. William Strickland, an engineer and an architect, had designed the capital building which was one of the first in the United States with iron roof trusses.

William Strickland had been involved in other projects such as the Tower of Independence Hall.

In 1849, fourteen years after the cornerstone was laid, the construction of the Tennessee State Capital building was completed.

The capital building has a multitude of statues, including one decorated to Sam Davis.

President Andrew Jackson has a hermitage home near Nashville, and was influential in Tennessee State History.

Another statue gives tribute to 17th U.S. President Andrew Johnson.

In addition, there is a statue attributed to James Knox Polk.

There were other exhibits giving Civil War history of Tennessee.

Compared to other state capital buildings I’ve been too, the one in Tennessee has significantly more historical markers and statues around the building.

Another factor that makes the Tennessee capital building stand out from others I’ve been to is the overt display of southern pride placed around the building, including a plaque with a, “Pledge To The South”. Alas, each state does what I like to say, a personality of it’s own reflective of the people’s and the cultures within their borders.

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