The National Civil Rights Musuem

The National Civil Rights Musuem is in Memphis, Tennessee and was established in July 4, 1991 due to the efforts of the Lorraine Civil Rights Musuem Foundation after the assassination of Martin Luther, Junior in 1968.

The National Civil Rights musuem is a collection of buildings, with the original one being the Marquette Hotel that was built in 1925. Walter Bailey, who became the second owner of the hotel in 1945, changed it to the Lorraine Hotel after his wife Loree and the song, “Sweet Lorraine”.

The Lorraine Hotel foreclosed in the 1980s, and the last tenant of the Hotel moved out in 1988, paving the way for the structure to become a musuem honoring Martin Luther King, Junior and his followers.

The museum features information regarding the investigation of Martin Luther King’s killer.

The walls on the buildings surrounding the civil rights musuem have murals with the statement popular with the movement in the 1960s, “I Am A Man”.

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