The Oklahoma History Museum

The Oklahoma History Center is a lavish building located between the Oklahoma State Capital and the Governor’s mansion, that I got to visit with my Uncle Steve.

The musuem has a multitude of artifacts from the pioneers who came to the state, various American wars, and Oklahomans including Native Americans, who became astronauts.

The Native American exhibit featured a tribe that was known for their facial tattoos. They became known as “Raccoon Eyes”.

Other exhibits showed the various difficulties natives faced after being forced from their lands into reservations.

While space age accomplishments are covered in many museums, the Oklahoma History Center is unique for its highlights of Native Americans who have become astronauts.

The “Art of War” exhibit featured various propaganda posters from World War I.

Outside of the museum is a sharpshooter 3 inch ordinance rifle that was used by the Confederacy at the time the Texas Rangers has taken over part of the Oklahoma territory.

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