Billy Mack Smith, Clint Eastwood Junior, Dolly Rebecca Parton

Country Music Disk Jockey Billy Mack Smith

On March 2, 1969, Disk Jockey Billy Mack Smith, was nicknamed “The Midnight Cowboy”, by a truck driver from Minnesota who called in on the first day of his show. Billy’s solo show ran from midnight to 5AM for another thirty years.

Billy Mack Smith was born and raised in Shamrock, Texas and his first radio gig was with the local station KEVA after he graduated from high school. Soon after he worked on the KLYN radio station in Armillo, before moving up to program director for KCUL in Fort Worth. Billy started writing his own songs before moving on to hosting his own show. As a radio celebrity Billy got to work on the country soundtrack of a film with former city of Carmel, California Mayor and actor Clint Eastwood, Junior, Tennessee Country singer Dolly Rebecca Parton, and others.

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