Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, Clyde Chestnut Barrow, Shamrock Texas

Boonie And Clyde’s Stop In Shamrock Texas

The Pioneer West Musuem in Shamrock Texas has various original newspaper articles regarding Boonie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow’s famous criminal exploits.

However, Boonie and Clyde’s stop at the North Madden Grocery Store in Shamrock, Texas was more tame than their other stops, since they purchased groceries there while on the run from police forces.

There are accounts of other northern Texas residents seeing the couple as well, including one where the couple asked about a slot machine at the Texas Cafe in Ennis. The worker simply stated that the machine had just been emptied so no robbery attempt was made there either.

Lastly, here is a poem Bonnie had written shortly before her death in a shootout with police.

Author’s Note:

The car that Boonie and Clyde had died in is currently in a casino in Prim, Nevada. When I visited that car in November 2017, I saw all off the bullet holes in the cars frame that were left in tact.

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