Cross Country Trip, Uncategorized

Series of Articles on My Cross Country Trip

Six months ago, on Valentines Day, I ended my over 7,000 mile cross country trip from San Jose, California to Fairfax, Virginia and back.  I took Interstate 40 on my way to Virginia, which ran along some parts of old Route 66 in Arizona, and I took Highway 10 along my way back.

It truly was a life changing trip, which motivated me to start my own history website, where I got to see my extended family in Oklahoma, my immediate family in Virginia and Maryland, and a multitude of art galleries and historical sites.

To explain the magnitude of this entire trip, and all I learned from it, I’ll be publishing an article every day about a different part of my trip for the next month.  I hope you enjoy this segment of my history archives, as I take a temporary break from writing about the fascinating history of the Bay Area.

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