First Radio Station Was Launched in Downtown San Jose

In my youth and college years, that I spent living in Virginia and Maryland, I regularly listened to radio stations such as 88.1 HFS, DC 101, and the hip hop station 99.5. Radio stations have been a go to for me to listen to new songs and to hear comedic programs such as, “Elliot in the Morning”. In fact I spent several years going to radio sponsored music festivals Sychcrany as the DC 101 Chili Cookoff in downtown DC and the former HFStival that was hosted in the RFK Stadium.

I have listened to a multitude of radio stations in various states while traveling cross country by car, and currently I listen to stations such as University of California’s 88.1 KZSC and the Stanford College Radio Station. Al these years as a listener give me an appreciation of the culture of various cities in each state that each station represents trough their radio hosts and radio DJs.

Which is fitting that the city I currently live in, San Jose, which is the site of the first ever regular radio program. You may view these historical plaques on both side enterances to the corporate building currently placed on 50 East San Fernando Street, San Jose, next the former federal post office that was converted to an art museum.

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