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Flashback 2017: Former Ambassador Earl Eikenberry Speaks at Stanford University

Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, with Erik Jensen and Mehdi Hakimi

In November 2017, I saw former Obama administration ambassador Earl Eikenberry spoke on a panel, with Erik Jensen and Mehdi Hakimi.  The topics were the ongoing war in Afghanistan and the educational development of the country after the US led war against the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden’s Al Queda in began in October 2003.  There were promising statistics, such as the increased enrollment of women in grade level schools, and colleges in that country.   In 2017, about half of the students enrolled with the law school of the American University of Afghanistan were women.

The panel discussed that there has been opposition to progress amungst traditionalists and hardliners sympathetic to conservative Islamic rule.  American University faced multiple attacks from the Taliban, due to conservative Islamic objection to the westernization of Afghani students through that institution.  Since then, the school has added additional security and barriers to prevent future attacks from the Taliban and other groups.

You can read more about the American University of Afghanistan’s recovery after the multiple Taliban attacks in August 2017 here:

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