The Paulson House of the California Pioneers

On April 8, 2018 I visited the Paulson House, which was named after construction worker Perry Paulson. The residence was built in 1889. Perry built a church in San Jose after building his home.

This article includes more of the background of the Paulson Home.

This is an obituary of Perry Paulson that was published in 1932.

A.D.M. Cooper, a famous painter featured at the house, was infamous for eccentric behavior which was amplified by his drinking. In fact he had once painted Mrs. Stanford’s jewelry and had sold his painting to a bar so that he could pay off his alcoholic beverages tab. Mrs. Stanford did not want her painting in the bar, after she saw it there, which prompted her to buy the painting.

Cooper befriended President Grant, over drinks when he visited San Jose, and was commissioned to make one of Grant’s portrait. Cooper’s paintings ended up in many other locations in America and as far out as Europe as a result of his various travels. Indeed, an amusing story of an artist who used his art to fund his alcohol consumption.

These three California Pioneer volunteers provided an excellent tour of the home.

In fact they pointed out to me a picture of the Santa Clara California Pioneers from 1901.

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