Casa Grande, San Jose, California, The Almaden Quicksilver Mine Museum at Casa Grande, The New Almaden Quicksilver Mine

The Casa Grande of New Almaden

Photo of the Casa Grande in 1885.

Casa Grande stands for the, “Big House” of the Almaden Quicksilver mine.  The Casa Grande, was originally built as a hotel in 1854.  However, the hotel turned into permanent lodging for the mine managers of the Quicksilver mine.

The Casa Grande in April 2018.

In present day the Casa Grande serves as the Almaden Quicksilver Mine Museum, with various rooms containing artifacts and a timeline of events at the Monte. The New Almaden Quicksilver mine was the first mercury mine established within the former Mexican territory that falls within the present day United States.


Interestingly enough, one of the museum exhibits states that one of Garfield Shaft of the Quicksilver mine was named to honor President Garfield. However, after President Garfield was assassinated in 1881, Quicksilver miners refused to work in that shaft until it was renamed the Washington Shaft.


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