MLK Is Honored With the Sound of Fifty Chimes


On April 4, 2018 at 4:01PM multiple children hit their chimes, a total of fifty times, to commemorate the fifty years since MLK’s assaination.  The event was held at the Jennifer & Philip DiNapoll Gallery on the second floor of the San Jose MLK library that has photos of various San Jose State University Students visiting multiple landmarks of the Civil Rights movement in America.


After the commemoration at the MLK Library, the Silicon Valley NAACP held an evening commemoration at the Cesar Chavez Plaza at the Milpitas City Hall. A new plaque on the 50th Anniversary of MLK being assassinated, directly next to a plaque honoring Cesar Chavez, was unveiled.

The event in Milpitas closed with a candlelit walk around city hall, will all the attendees returning to the site of the plaque honoring MLK.

President Obama’s Interview With Congressman John Lewis. Their reflections on the MLK assassination and continued legacy:

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