The Model Tank the Former California Governor Schwarzenegger Had Driven as an Enlistee of the Austrian Army Within Camp Roberts

In 1941, Camp Roberts was established and was named after the Corporal Harold W. Roberts who had served in World War I. Roberts had received a Medal of Honor due to his actions on duty.

During World War II Camp Roberts was used to train about 500,000 soldiers. In fact, Camp Roberts trained more soldiers in the war than any other army base and installation in the nation, including Fort Benning in Georgia.

At the front of the military museum, within Camp Roberts, is a heavily damaged M-4 tank that was previously used for target practice. The tank was blown to multiple fragments which were laid on the grounds to show the power of modern weaponry.

Prior to my visit I did not know that the Kiowa 0H-58 Bell Helicopter has been used in Operation Prime Chance (during the Iran-Iraq War). My father had immigrated to the US from Iran, before the Shah was overthrown, he fortunately he was not in the mist of that conflict.

The Patton M48 Medium Tank was the same tank driven by former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was enlisted in the Austrian Army. A Vietnam veteran unlocked the top casing and revealed to me the cramped inside space within the vehicle. Hard to imagine a man as large as Arnold cooped up in that space with three other men!

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