Fort Ord in Monterey

Fort Ord was established during the Mexican American War to protect the seized land of Monterey County, which would eventually form the state capital of California.

During WWII soldiers were sent from Fort Ord to fight the Japenese who took over three islands in Alaska.

Soldiers trained in Fort Ord for other conflicts such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the seizure of Panama Canal in the 1980s. My spouse’s grandfather had served in the US Army in Fort Ord, and her mother had lived on the base as a child.

Two years before the base was closed, soldiers from the fort were sent to LA to suppress the riots after the Rodney King beatings by police.

The former base had consisted of several structures that were made out of reword trees. The purchase of the former bass sold a lot of those Redwood lumber for a profit, since the ban against cutting down redwoods had made existing redwood lumber more profitable. The former base consists of several hiking trails, which are absent of the many buildings that used to exist while the base was in operation. However, the fort consists of part of the trail that was taken by a party that discovered the San Francisco Bay.

Video on History of Fort Ord

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