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César Chávez’s Family Members’ Visit to the MLK Library in San Jose and to City Hall in East Palo Alto

On Tuesday March 27th, 2018 three members of César Chávez’s family, his sister, his niece, and his granddaughter came to visit the Martin Luther King Library.

The event had held to commentate César Chávez’s advocacy for agricultural workers rights through the “United Farm Workers Of America”.

There was a screening of the documentary, “Common Man Uncommon Mission”

After the documentary was over César Chávez’s sister, Rita Chavez-Medina, broke out in tears while speaking about some of her memories of her late brother, who died 25 years ago soon after his last hunger strike.

César Chávez’s niece Barbara Medina-Aranda also spoke about her memories of her uncle. Barbara said Cesar was convincing about everything, even regarding what games she would play with her relatives.

Two days later, Rita and Barbara were in attendance for an event commemorating César Chávez Day at the East Palo Alto City Hall.

In addition, Father John Coleman, who had personally known the Father McDonnell that McDonnell Hall is named after, was in attendance to talk about his involvement with the agricultural rights movement over the years.

Below are videos of the celebration!

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